Ask Valentina [Part 2]

What type of client do you find challenging?

1. Clients with poor dental hygiene. 

There is a difference between bad breath and not brushing your teeth for two weeks. Despite mouth wash and breath mints, you can still taste the plaque build up as well as see it. Their saliva literally smells - I'm not over exaggerating. I have refused to see one of the sweetest clients because he had, what can only be described as, teeth that were rotting from the inside out. His teeth were intact but his breath could infect a room and start the zombie apocalypse. 

2. Dead fish clients.

I consider it a mixture of nervousness and natural reticence. It is VERY uncomfortable having a partner who does not move, doesn't say much and doesn't have any facial expressions. I'm sure many of my clients have been with women who don't do much in bed. I can't be enthusiastic if my partner isn't. 

3. Widowers.

It is emotionally difficult watching someone mourn their loss so vulnerably. I hope that my presence somehow comforts them.

What happens if a client isn't physically attractive?

Missing fingers, missing teeth, major surgical scars, overweight, obese, underweight, micro penises, small penises, different ethnicities, different ages ... Irrelevant. Seriously.

Hit me with a sex tip!

If you rub a girl's clit and you can feel her pubic bone - you're doing it too hard. Women tend to be soft-handed with men because that's what they like and men tend to be hard-handed with girls because it's what they like. How someone touches you is how they like to be touched. Rub your knuckle bone, feel how uncomfortable it is.

How common is it to refuse a client you just met?

Rare. You would have had to cause offense in some way. My last client I asked to leave when I met him asked me if there were any kiwi girls available (code for white). I asked him if he saw my photos before booking me and he asked me what my name was *bangs head into desk*. He seemed confused when I asked him to leave. I don't think anyone has ever rejected him before haha.

What clients have you refused after having one booking with them?

I remember one particular client told me I looked like his ex girlfriend. They separated because of circumstances outside of their control and he kept on asking me to see him outside of work. Again and again and again. If someone ignores you when you say no, you aren't going to feel comfortable around them. The fact that he said I looked like his ex made me worry he was going to start trying to follow me around outside of work.

Is there a large market for male escorts?

Yes. I have worked at an agency with a male escort before. In the first conversation we had, he told me he was on steroids. I was very confused as to why he would tell me that. He was extremely popular - with men.

How did you first get interested in the industry?

My ex was a male escort haha. 

What's a funny work story?

This is more disturbing than entertaining but... having sweat from a client fall into my eyes and open mouth. Ewwww but funny haha. 

That's it for now,

Good night!

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