5 Nosy questions clients ask but don’t want to know the answer to

1. “Have you had a busy day?”  

I find that clients ask this because they are trying to make small talk and this is the first question they can come up with on the spot. They don’t realise what they’ve said until they’ve said it!

My cheeky reply is usually to look incredulously at them and ask, “do you reaaaaally want to know?” To which, I am met with a sheepish grin and “no, no I don’t”. 

2. “How many clients do you get a day?”

If it’s a high number, it grosses people out. If it’s a low number, it infers there is something wrong with an escort and/or her service.  There is no correct answer to give a client when he asks. 

Honest answer: it changes. Sometimes you’re busy, sometimes you’re not. The school holidays in particular tend to be slow. Why? My clients are often working professionals with children.

3. "do you have a boyfriend?"

If the answer is yes, clients lose respect for you and it ruins the fantasy. If the answer is no...where is the conversation supposed to go from there? Think. Asking your favourite escort to date you does not motivate her to see you. In fact, it will do the opposite. 

Don't pry into her personal life in the same way you wouldn't want her to pry into yours. My reply is cheeky as always, "do you have a wife?" 

4. "What's the worst client you've ever had?"

When you ask an escort who her worst client is, the likelihood you're asking her to relive a traumatic experience is high. I do know escorts in the industry who have been bitten, assaulted, stalked etc. I doubt you really want to hear about it while trying to have sexy times. 

Use another adjective: annoying, awkward, weird etc.

5. "So what made you do this job?"

I have been asked this question before, laughed and asked him what made him come see me.  This question has impolite undertones and many escorts feel like you're about to judge their life decisions.

Do you really want to know how someone was broke or homeless or couldn't get a job? It's a very awkward topic. Most girls will just say they love sex because that's the politically correct answer. 

A better question is, "what do you like about your job?"

P.S. Can you believe McDonald's didn't hire me? I am clearly Employee of the Month Material!

Have a good weekend!

- Valentina