My letter of recommendation from Serena, a fellow escort


One morning, I checked my inbox and up popped a letter of recommendation from a friend and fellow escort!

To whom it may concern,

I want to introduce you to Valentina, to tell you a little something concise and with precision about this young Oceanic woman that could whisk you away into pure paradise –if only you take the chance to.

To those who have not yet met her, imagine this: buttery brown, burnt-honey skin that will melt at your touch, the most plush, full lips that will offer the most enchanting kisses and smiles, velvety brown eyes and thickly lashed lids that holds the gaze, naturally beautiful D-cup breast with at-attention nipples and a plush derriere for you to rest your hands on. This is Valentina, the physical definition of exotic seduction. Between her thighs could be the most pleasurable and rewarding trap you could find yourself in….

She is a vivacious lover with an addictive laugh; she will be your confidante, your playmate, your intimate encounter. She is well-spoken with a gregarious and open personality; her genuine kindness and soft touches alongside a spirited, teasing nature will draw you comfortably into her fold. With Valentina, all worries will be transformed. An hour or two with Valentina will revive your body and mind. If you are looking for a truly special GFE, then I recommend you pay a visit to Valentina – she will surely become your very own private lover to visit time and time again.


Serena Woo

Fellow escort