First time seeing an escort? Here's what happens.


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Go to Adult Forum and use the search function and categorically go through every escort you have chosen to see who has reviews. If there are reviews on an escort, it helps to ease nerves that she is friendly and that her profile and photos are accurate and up to date.

If I was to see an escort for the first time, I personally would not see an escort who recently started the industry - they are still learning themselves. I remember when I first started, I was nervous, would talk too much and would wait for the client to initiate. It does not help if both of you are nervous. If she has not yet mastered the art of conversation, there may be awkward silences.

What I would look for:

  • Alluring photos and profile.

  • Has at least 2 reviews within the last 6 months. Recent reviews are helpful because it ensures that the escort matches her profile. If there are no recent reviews, make an account on the forum and request a review. Someone who has seen her will reply to you publicly or through the messaging system.

  • Has good feedback on her personality. I would be looking for characteristics such as friendly or someone who is relaxing to be around. These characteristics are important for your first time.

  • Has been in the industry longer than 6 months.


  • If the escort works privately, she answers her own phone. If you have a couple of quick questions that aren't on her profile, you can ring and ask. If she doesn't sound friendly on the phone, I wouldn't book her.

  • Sometimes an escort can't answer her phone because she is in public. Text her. If you want to hear her voice to reassure you, ask her to ring you at her earliest convenience. Please note that some operate via text only and it’s important to read advertisements as they could indicate this.

  • If she is from an agency, a receptionist answers the phone. I would look into the reputation of the agency online as some agencies agree to whatever services you ask for on the phone without asking an escort or notifying her.

  • If you want to make a booking, I would do it through text as it is all written down and neither party can forget or get confused.

  • "Hi [Escort name], my name is X. I would like to make a booking for Y hours around Z time. This is my first time seeing an escort. Are you available at this time?"

  • If there is anything you would like her to do during the booking, say so or ask. We anticipate your needs but we are not complete mind readers. You get the most out of your booking if you communicate your expectations clearly.

  • If she is a private escort and it is during her work hours, there may be a delay in confirmation. The morning of her work day is when she will reply the fastest. If it is an agency escort, the receptionist should reply back quickly. Sometimes for discretion, they will not text back after a certain period of time has passed - mine is three hours. I personally would try again once more and if there is no reply, move on to the next escort if you are wanting to see someone that day.

  • When your booking is confirmed, she will either give you her exact address or a landmark nearby. Escorts are often vague about where they work because the less people who know where they are, the more discreet it will be for both of you.


  • Know where you are going. Google the address and look at the street view so you know what the building or area looks like. Figure out where you will park. If you're not sure, ask her.

  • Go through my grooming checklist and tick off everything.

  • Prepare something interesting to say about your day or a news article you read. It will mentally help you knowing you have something to talk about. I wouldn't be too worried about being awkward with conversation as escorts generally are masters at it.

  • Visit an ATM and get the exact cash amount plus a little extra for parking. Private escorts generally don't have EFTPOS machines so they only accept cash. Parlours and agencies will accept EFTPOS and credit cards. Credit cards often have a surcharge added on. My former agency would charge $20 extra.

  • If you are late, let your escort know. It's good to keep us in the loop so we stay excited. My enthusiasm nose dives if you turn up late without notifying me. A gentleman will always text, after all, it only takes 10 seconds.

  • If you need to cancel, do so as early as possible. Personally, it's not a big deal. I understand everyone has outside commitments. I will gladly see you again. However, cancelling last minute is a different story. Anything that indicates a lack of respect will cause offence. Escorts are targets of harassment and the intimate nature of our business means we value respect above all.

  • Plan to arrive early in case of unavoidable delays. I like clients who arrive early, it shows they are prepared and have been anticipating the booking. I know for me it gives a good first impression. If you arrive extra early, stretch your legs and go for a short walk if the area has shops. I direct my clients to park at City Works Depot which has a collection of eateries. Sometimes there are unavoidable delays such as construction blocking off a road, the ATM being down for maintenance etc. It’s always good to leave a window for error in timing.

  • You always pay before receiving services, not afterwards. Please prepare the correct amount beforehand instead of fumbling around in your wallet.


  • Do not hand over any money until you see your escort and she looks happy to see you. . If you pay and haven't seen your escort, you might end up seeing her and not liking her (i.e. does not look like her photos, is not her in the photos at all, is significantly older than her advertisement etc.) If she doesn't look happy to see you, decline and walk away.

  • If the door opens and it's not her, say so. Often private escorts work in pairs - the wrong one may have opened the door for you! Be aware, escorts often try to disguise themselves a little in photos by photoshopping out tattoos, markings etc. This is to protect their privacy, not to deceive you. If it is her, she should at least look similar but not like a completely different person.

  • SMILE.

  • If you meet her and you like her, please pay her without her prompting and tell her she looks beautiful. If you are too nervous to muster a smile, a compliment will go a long way. An escort can interpret lack of enthusiasm caused by nerves as lack of attraction. The booking will nose dive if she thinks you aren’t attracted to her in the same way you would feel awful if she showed she wasn’t attracted to you!

  • Even if she is half-naked, keep your eyes up at her face! For some reason, clients who can keep eye contact during the initial greeting phase were always the most respectful and had the best booking.

  • Counting the money in front of her or asking her to count the money will save you or her from accidental miscounting. It's not necessary, but it's a good habit.

  • Ask her what her boundaries are. This often impresses the escort as you are being considerate. My boundaries are anything that causes me pain (any anal activity, nipple biting or twisting etc.), anything that leaves a mark (hickies, bruises etc.) and anything that could increase the risk of STIs (fingering can create micro cuts on the inside). Do not try to convince her to move her boundaries - it's about respect. Asking why she has certain boundaries can also be perceived as you trying to find a way around them.

  • She will show you to your room and to the shower. You will always be expected to shower, even if you showered just before arriving. 5 minutes in the shower directly beforehand can make a huge impact on the rest of the booking. Even if a client assures me he is clean, I will ask him to at least rinse in the shower. It makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing someone is freshly showered. I also need time to count the money, put my phone on silent and prepare your drink.

  • Mouthwash is mandatory if provided.

  • Put all your belongings in one spot. I recommend putting your car keys and phone in/on your shoes. You will never leave without your shoes but you may accidentally leave without your phone. Keeping everything in one spot prevents you from walking around in circles after the booking looking for things.

  • Please refrain from partially redressing yourself after a shower. Just wrap the towel around your waist for modesty. Redressing yourself can add sweat or body odour back onto your body that you just washed off. Make sure you dry off properly as someone who is wet isn’t the most inviting person to cuddle.

  • Do not open any closed doors. A closed door means do not enter. Stick to the bathroom and bedroom shown to you. If you wander around, you may bump into other staff, clients and/or interrupt someone’s booking. Wandering around can also make you look like a thief.


  • If you cannot give consent through your body language, give consent verbally. Being nervous can stiffen your body language which says, "don't touch me". She will not do anything without consent. If you want to kiss her but are too scared to, say so. She will kiss you first.

  • Tell her you want to be lead. This will put the onus on her to be the initiator.

  • If in the moment you decide you aren’t ready for sex, you can say so. This is not an unusual request. We will understand! If there is a non-penetrative way you’d like to finish, just ask. Please note: escorts aren’t trained in massage or sensual massage, your results will vary.

  • If you have a tendency to cum early, say so. She will make sure she slows down the pace.

  • If you feel that you are going to cum, but don't want to, communicate that to her or ask her to pause. A large part of an escort's job is to make you cum at the end of the booking, not accidentally at the start.

  • Do not try to have sex without lube. She will stop you. Having sex without lube can increase the risk of condom breakage.

  • If you decide to give her an oil massage, keep the oil away from the very top of her inner thighs or intimate areas. Oil can increase the risk of condom breakage as it breaks down latex.

  • You are both responsible for the condom staying on. Do look down every now and then to make sure it's on completely. She will continuously be checking (without you realising) but sometimes you will have a better viewpoint i.e. doggy style.

  • If you do finger your escort, refrain from touching yourself with that same hand. Preventing fluid exchange increases safety. Of course, this does not apply if you have a condom on.

  • When you cum, pull out. Your member starts to shrink loosening the condom. Your cum also increases the change of condom slippage as there is less friction keeping it on.

  • Hold the base of the condom when you pull out to change positions or after cumming. This prevents it from slipping off. This is crucial.

  • Do not worry about the time. You know it is time to leave when you are with me because I will ask you, "would you like to shower before you leave?" I will keep note of the time for us. If they have signalled you are overtime, do be courteous about leaving quickly.


  • You've done it! Hopefully, you've enjoyed your time. The best way to thank your escort is to leave her a review on Adult Forum. Being able to relive memories or read kind things will make your escort's day just as much as her company made yours!

  • If you opt out of this, send her a quick thank you message. Sometimes we worry if the booking went well. I know I analyse a lot of things I do. It will leave a good impression and make me happy!

I hope this eases your first time nerves!


- Valentina