A comprehensive list of my favourite things

Cassia at Fort Lane

Cassia at Fort Lane

I often have international clients who ask for recommendations on what to do around Auckland, here's a list I combined with my favourite things.

P.S. I am obviously a foodie!



Favourite breakfast eatery: Chuffed Cafe on High Street, CBD. The food is healthy and delicious and the ambience is very relaxing.

Favourite lunch eatery: Citizen Park in Kingsland

Favourite  dinner spot: Cassia on Fort Lane, CBD. All you have to do is look at the menu to see why I love this place, not to mention how beautifully plated everything is.

Favourite vegetarian cafe: Water Drop Vegetarian Cafe in Flat Bush

Favourite vegan brunch eatery: Wise Cicada in Newmarket

Favourite vegan dessert: Raw Kitchen on Wellesley Street, CBD. I love their cheesecakes!

Favourite aphrodisiac: Fresh strawberries from Strawberry Fields, dipped in Lindt dark chocolate 

Favourite ice cream shop: Casa Del Gelato in Ponsonby. 

Favourite cookies: Mrs Higgins on Queen Street, CBD. You can smell the cookies before you see the store! The smell is divine. Raspberry and White Chocolate is my favourite.

Favourite UberEats restaurant: Pokè Bar in Ponsonby. I love their Green Tea rice and it's super healthy!I

Favourite place to wander around when I don't know what to eat: Wynyard Quarter in the CBD

Favourite food to take to a BBQ: Boerewors. You will find these at South African Butchers. Braai > BBQs.


First of all, I am not a drinker, but here's a list anyway!

Favourite drink: Water

Favourite juice: Kale Ale from Tank

Favourite alcohol: Mojito from the Clean Collective. 100% clean and natural Vodka RTDs with Zero Sugar, Zero Carbs, Zero Preservatives. Made in NZ.

Favourite bar: The Gin Room on Vulcan Lane, CBD. It's a great place to drink when you don't drink. They have a knack of figuring out what you would like from vague descriptions of flavours you favour

Favourite laid back bar: Racket on Customs Street, CBD


Favourite North Island city: Paihia. It's very laid back and the food at Charlotte's Kitchen was delicious! I've always loved dining next to the beach. 

Favourite South Island city: Queenstown. The views when you step out of the airport is breathtaking.

Favourite chilled out adventure: taking a scenic walk. I'm not into hiking with a pack that much, it reminds me of rucking. 

Favourite weekend getaway: Coromandel Peninsula. 

Favourite weekend getaway adventure: Stand Up Paddle boarding in the Coromandel and being toured around Lonely Bay.

Favourite place in the city to be with nature: Auckland Domain Wintergardens.

Favourite sound: the waves at Brown's Bay.


Favourite botanist: Cartier for Flowers.

Favourite clothing store: Lululemon. I work out a lot and these are the most comfortable!

Favourite colour: Duck egg or anything pastel.

Favourite things to do in my spare time:

  • lift weights.

  • listen to Joe Rogan, Eric Thomas or Gary Vee on YouTube.

  • practise deep breathing to Alan Watts

  • Lust over Honey Birdette lingerie

Sleep time for me now! Ciao.

- Valentina


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