[Behind the scenes] What it's like to work at an escort agency.


Before becoming an independent escort, I worked at two high-end agencies in Auckland with my total experience being around 2.5 years. The amount of escorts I have worked with, I estimate to be, at least 52 (I made a list of all the names I could remember).


What does the inside of an escort agency look like?

The inside of an escort agency differs in the same way that the inside of a hotel differs. 

The bedroom

  • The beds were always large, spacious and comfortably firm. You can't have a soft mattress because it’s difficult to move around when you’re always sinking into the bed.

  • Headboards were anchored to the wall and not to the bed. Copious amounts of vigorous activity goes on and a headboard banging against a wall is very off-putting, not to mention you don't want to hear other people's headboards banging through the neighbouring walls either.

  • Mattress bases are essential as bed frames/slats will bend, snap or move out of place easily. You want a bed that can withstand the weight of two adults jumping up and down on. Replace the j with an h.

  • The decorations in the room were decided by the owners. My first agency had a white wall, minimalistic style and my second was moody and elegant. The styles were largely accented by bright daylight or blacked-out windows with mood lighting.


If there was an argument between two escorts, what would it be over?

Escorts tend to be confidently assertive with their clients, but incredibly passive aggressive with each other. A client you won’t have to see again, but co-workers you are stuck with. Passive aggressive complaints would be over someone being inconsiderate, such as eating someone else's food or using someone else's makeup and clothing. 99% of the time, this behaviour is accidental and there are no hard feelings because people can get confused as to what is communal and what is not. Depending on the agency, there can be communal clothing, makeup and shoes available but they all have a designated space.

An actual argument, would be over theft. Cameras around agencies are to guard against clients, not against escorts. We are always walking around half dressed or undressed behind the scenes so naturally, there are no cameras. If you want to know for sure if someone is stealing, you have to catch them in the act which is incredibly difficult because on any given day, there are multiple girls walking in and out of shared spaces.

When there is a thief, the whole agency is on edge and people become more guarded and hostile. If things behind the scenes are falling apart, the quality of bookings generally drops. When you're running an agency, you need to nip disagreements in the bud quickly. The whole atmosphere can change behind the scenes which impacts people's work if they are stressed and the girls and/or agency in turn get bad reviews.



I particularly remember one escort (who was a rude person in general, not just inside the bedroom), get 7 complaints in her first weekend of working. They kept her on after the weekend because she made a lot of money, but they eventually let her go. She was later rehired. She never took care of her appearance in the sense that she looked like she rolled out of bed and came to work. I remember one of the receptionists combing her hair to try and make her look presentable.


What is the most awkward moment AT an agency you have ever experienced?

Any time you can hear someone having sex through the wall when you're trying to have a conversation with a client. On rare occasions a client would request music be turned off, but I would refuse. This is because when there is no music, you can hear a lot of what goes on.

Specific cringe moments:

  • Looking through the peephole for my client and seeing two clients standing there. Bookings are staggered by 5 minutes or so to prevent people from running into each other. If someone takes their time coming up while the other is sent up exactly on time, they will most likely cross paths. I honestly wanted to die inside when I opened the door. I had no idea how long both of them had been standing there for. I was really embarrassed and had to introduce myself and ask who had booked me.

  • Coming up the elevator with my client and running into two men. They were in the middle of being yelled at by management. I think they turned up with no booking and expected to be let in. A lot of people confuse agencies with parlours and think they can suddenly show up which is why we hide our address and give general landmarks. 

  • When the client upstairs above me decided to rearrange the furniture and be a nutter in general. We could hear things being dragged along the floor and I to apologise to my client and pretend it was management doing refurbishing.


does everyone get along with each other?

There are cliques - not in the way that you would think. There is no superior or inferior, we just naturally gravitate towards whose sense of humour or interests matches ours. Not only that, but people work at different times and different days. It may take a few months for two escorts to actually cross paths and meet each other.

[Client Tip]: If you are interested in a threesome when booking at an agency, you definitely should pick one girl and ask her who she would do a threesome with. Not everyone knows each other and not everyone meshes together well. There are definitely some escorts I wouldn’t do bookings with because, well, we have no idea how to hold a conversation with eachother in the first place.



If she avoids eye contact with you - don't pick her. She doesn't want to be picked but she has to stand there because management said to. Don't be offended if the girl you like the most doesn't want to be booked, it’s nothing personal. She could be in the middle of eating a meal, in the middle of preparing a meal, just been poked awake from her nap, already done a lot of bookings that day or is just tired in general.

I personally found it degrading to be lined up and I know other escorts did too. We never liked clients who did this for this reason and dreaded being picked. I barely ever made eye contact and would look to whatever friend was standing next to me. She would look back and we would just awkwardly smile at each other. 

[Escort Tip]: An agency with good management will stop bookings when you’re tired, will block off time if you ask and will limit bookings to what you specify. If you find an agency won’t do this for you, y0u should leave. It's against the law to make us take bookings when we don’t want to and with who we don’t want. Learn what the Prostitution Reform Act is and how it protects you. (Unfortunately, this doesn’t cover immigrant workers).



  1. Security - At any time there could be 8 girls in the building and additional staff. Being surrounded by people when you work can be very comforting. I always told new girls when they first started, if they feel uncomfortable, excuse yourself for a glass of water and come out and talk to one of us. I’m sure some places have panic buttons.

  2. It's easier - Arrive on time, turn up to work and go home. Your responsibilities are simple. When you work privately, you have to organise a place to work from, do laundry, cleaning, restock supplies, organise photo and video shoots, answer calls and texts. You don't really have an "off" day because clients continue to ring and text when you're not working.

  3. They don't know what they are doing - If you are new to the industry, the best place to learn is to obviously be with other escorts and staff who are more experienced than you. You learn a lot of tips and tricks through them as opposed to learning through trial and error.

  4. There is no place to work - A lot of escorts start off in their early 20s. People in this age group generally don’t have a good loan history so being able to rent an apartment is an uphill battle.


What is an important rule at an agency?

Do not open a closed door.

A closed door means the room is in use or someone is having a serious, private conversation. If it is a door within the escorts only area and you need to go in, always knock and wait. Sometimes other escorts are on the phones with their loved ones or similar and want to be left alone. Other times people are having an emotional issue and need space to calm down and relax.


What is a day-to-day-con of working in an escort agency?

Bad moods are catching. Sometimes people come to work and dump all their personal problems on others. It's mostly to do with relationships. This can be manageable but if there are multiple people doing it consistently with no improvement, it can be emotionally taxing. You have to remember on top of this, we have clients who can be emotionally and/or physically taxing as well. At the end of the day, I think a lot of escorts go home and isolate themselves for peace of mind. There is a reason why a lot of escort agencies advertise themselves as drama free or looking for escorts who are drama free. 


What do escorts do when they aren't in a booking?

Eating, listening to music, playing games on their phone, scrolling through social media, talking to each other, smoking, napping and more eating. Food is huge with escorts. We are "confined" to our workspace and can't leave if we have a booking coming up. We always remembered clients who bought us food and if there was enough, we would all share it!

[Escort Tip]: Wrap yourself in a bathrobe and put your hair up in a towel if you smoke. Make sure to take a fingernail brush and scrub your fingers afterwards too. It protects you from absorbing the smell!


what do you want clients to know about picking an escort from an agency?

I would stay away from seeing the new girl for a couple of months. While it is exciting to see someone new to the industry, she is on probation! If she is not suitable to be an escort, she will be let go in this time. The variation in quality is a lot bigger if you see someone brand new as opposed to someone who has been working for a couple of months. If you love the thrill of the unknown, go right ahead!

[Anecdote]: There was one escort I met who was stunning and an awesome person, unfortunately, she was a problem drinker. She passed the interview and the first couple of weeks sober. She would drink secretly at work and wander around the corridors, bumping into clients and opening closed doors. In the space of one week, she walked into three bookings (including mine) by opening closed doors. She was let go.


Is an escort agency a good option if I’m physically disabled?

Yes! If your chosen escort declines, don’t take it personally! It’s mostly because they have no idea how to treat you and they don’t want to make you feel awkward. You should e-mail and specifically state your requirements (wide door ways for wheelchairs, if there is close parking nearby, if there is no handicap parking would they be able to reserve two spots for you etc.), abilities and limitations.

The more specific you are, the easier it will be. It is difficult for an escort with no prior experience in providing services to people with disabilities if she has to figure out on the spot what you are able to do and not do. An e-mail is important because it is easier for them to pull that information up and not get lost. They can keep it on file and when you go to book someone else, you won’t have to explain everything all over again.

Clear communication is key for you prior to the booking and in the booking to fulfil everything you want!

Cuddling a cute bear behind the scenes.  Behind me are designated lockers we store our valuables in. The blue peaking out from the corner is a box of Shield XL condoms haha.

Cuddling a cute bear behind the scenes.

Behind me are designated lockers we store our valuables in. The blue peaking out from the corner is a box of Shield XL condoms haha.


I hope this answered some of your questions!

Perhaps I will do a follow up of more questions in the future :)


- Valentina