An escort's ideal diet to keep body fat low and immunity up


My eating style is high protein, moderate fat and low carb. I focus on hitting my protein goals and eat as many varieties of vegetables I can. I need a diet that is exceptionally nutritious as I need my immune system to be strong - particularly in winter when I can encounter sick clients who don’t know they are sick yet! I try to avoid dairy as much as I can and I don’t like animal fat - unless it’s pork belly because I totally a major glutton for how crispy and juicy it is.

I go on and off this diet. If I want to eat muffins and cakes, I will. I don’t believe in having a restrictive lifestyle. I avoid bread and the like because it messes with my workouts!

As a result, my weight can fluctuate pretty quickly but since I already hold a reasonable amount of muscle, I just look curvier if I gain. Muscle mass gives shape underneath fat. I am a size 6-8. My friend is a size 6 and I weigh 9kgs / 19.8lbs more than her. I dislike adding my weight onto my profile because I think it can give the wrong impression, but I guess it’s reasonable if someone decides to pick me up!

I have previously done keto before but I’ve decided I do not like it. I found myself eating too much dairy and animal fat unnecessarily. It’s important to be as healthy on the inside as you are on the outside :)


1 Vegan tahini bagel toasted + 1 table spoon of Pic’s peanut butter.

417 calories | 3.9g Net carbs | 34.8g fat | 13.7g protein

Vegan tahini bagels consist of ground flax seeds, psyllium husk and tahini (toasted ground hulled sesame). I will make batch of 12 and freeze half. I usually toast my bagels so it disguises the loss of moisture after defrosting. It’s not that delicious but without it, my diet would be low in fibre. It’s a quick snack before I make my way to the gym.

  • Flaxseed is a rich source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber. The seeds contain protein, lignans, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. The nutrients in flaxseed may help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

  • Psyllium husk - Its resistance to digestion allows it to help regulate high cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels. It can also aid weight management and relieve diarrhoea and constipation.

  • Tahini contains magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Tahini seems to contain large amounts of fat. However, only 2 of the 16 g found in a 2-tbsp serving are saturated. The rest are mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, known to be beneficial to the heart and overall health.

    Sesame seeds also contain more phytosterols than all other nuts and seeds. These are important for their cholesterol-lowering and cancer-blocking effects.


Protein shake: 1 scoop of protein powder + 200mL Vitasoy unsweetened almond milk + a handful of spinach.

170 calories | 4g net carbs | 6.1g fat | 25.4g protein

I don’t count the spinach as I find the effects on my diet to be negligible. I try to avoid dairy as much as possible as it’s an inflammatory with the exception of whey protein.

Total consumed so far: 587 calories. Over 60% come from fat. If I eat high fat in the morning, I find it satiates my appetite for the rest of day. This is important as it’s possible I will be too busy to eat for the next 5-6 hours. My schedule can be unpredictable. I need to be able to do mini fasts without being hungry. I find that if I become hungry, I get more irritable which is not ideal if you have an emotionally and physically intense customer service based job.


1 bowl of butternut squash soup + garnish (lime zest, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.)

183 calories | 21g net carbs | 7g fat | 2g protein

Due to my job, I need to be able to eat quickly. Sometimes clients run late which gives me less of a break in between bookings. I particularly like soups because of how long they can keep, how fast I can drink it and how nutritious they are. I make a batch of 4 servings in one go and drink it over 4 days. I can slowly enjoy a hot soup or I can down one in a couple of seconds if I’m busy.

I alter this recipe by cutting down on the butternut squash used and replace it with some cauliflower, carrots and celery. Sometimes I’ll throw in random vegetables like beetroot or tomatoes. I don’t recommend adding in spinach, kale or broccoli because of the colouring. It will make the soup look unappetising as it turns a murky brown colour. I roast my butternut squash and when I have left overs, I’ll freeze it and use it for the next soup.

If you want to sweeten the taste, you can add in some maple syrup or blend in some pan-fried apple slices. Nutmeg will really accentuate the flavours. If you are making this for dinner, have it as a side with lamb or pork.

You can buy ready made vegetable soup in the supermarket. I can’t do this as an escort as they often contain a combination of onion and garlic. It’s important to know what’s in my food and read ingredient labels if I buy it. If I’m not careful, I can accidentally consume these pungent ingredients and have to go through a panic process of mouth wash, lime water, parsley and chewing gum! I learned my lesson about eating Sweet Thai Chilli Doritos!

My go to snack if I have no food is a blueberry muffin. I can scoff it down pretty quickly. I avoid chocolate muffins because of how vigorously you have to wash your mouth out afterwards. I don’t want the crumbs in between my teeth and for a client to wonder why my teeth are brown! Yikes.


200g chicken breast + kale chips

194 calories | 0g carbs | 5.3g fat | 38.8g protein

The likelihood I can have this as a snack changes based on my schedule. If I’m fully booked, often I will eat all my chicken breast in one go at the end of the work day. I do this because I do not want to kiss a vegan or vegetarian client. I’m too self-conscious to do that.

In terms of meal prep: I butterfly my chicken breast and tenderise it by hitting it with a mallet. I make sure to focus on the thicker parts of the chicken. I tenderise it until the whole breast is even. Cooking uneven chicken breast is how you get over cooked chicken.

I marinade my chicken breast for a day in a zip lock bag so the marinade can surround the breast fully. I'll pull it out of the fridge as ideally 30 minutes before cooking. If you cook it straight out of the fridge, it will take longer to cook. The outside will be over cooked while the inside isn’t. I pan fry my chicken breast and leave it to rest before I cut it open. If you cut it up immediately, the juices will run out of the breast. You will have a juicy plate and dry chicken. No bueno!

Consuming this much protein in a short amount of time can give me digestion issues. I get really bloated. To combat this, I take bromelain tablets with my meal. It completely gets rid of my digestion issues. Bromelain is an enzyme commonly found in pineapples. It digests protein. If you’ve ever felt your tongue tingle after eating a pineapple or kiwifruit, it’s because they both digest protein (your tongue). I order mine online, I’ve gone to look for it in the pharmacy before but couldn’t find any and the pharmacist had never heard of it.


1 bowl of Vegan Thai broccoli soup with coconut milk

437 calories | 19.9g net carbs | 34.5g fat | 9.9g protein

Once again with the soup! This is the one where you can start adding in green peas and swiss chard if you want to. As always, I have to omit the shallots, garlic and fish sauce when cooking. I actually consume less carbs/calories than this as I alter the recipe a bit. I swap out the sweet potato for celery. Both work to thicken the soup.


200g chicken breast

194 calories | 0g net carbs | 5.3g fat | 38.8g protein

By this time, I’m usually very full which is why it’s chicken breast just by itself. Soup is incredibly filling. To avoid flavour boredom, I usually have at least 2 different flavours of chicken breast marinading at the same time. One will be sweet and the other will be salty. Make sure to pat down the chicken before you fry it otherwise moisture from the marinade will cause it to steam. I do not like the texture of steamed or baked chicken. I find it to be quite rubbery. I always grate some citrus zest on top before I eat it. It’s mandatory!


1595 calories | 48.8g net carbs | 93g fat | 128.6g protein

12.2% carbs | 52.5% fat | 32.3% protein

I make quite a few alterations to the soup recipes above so my actual totals will be a little off. Maybe 1450 calories but I’m not very good at estimating these things. I generally use them as guidelines. If I get bored of the soups I make, I’ll swap to different ones like tomato. Tomato soup is crazy delicious. You can crisp up the tahini bagels and dip them into soup or you can use croutons made from chopped up toasted bread . It gives a nice crunch. If you’re being fancy, you can also add basil leaves on top or add some parmesan to the white toast.

If you are looking to lose body fat quickly and you are female. I recommend you follow a similar style of eating! It’s way more filling and way more delicious than it appears. If you are male, add in an extra meal. Another healthy meal I like are zucchini noodle pasta with lemon chicken and toasted sage. You can prepare the pasta sauce with cheese, cream and pesto.

Happy eating!



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