• Seeing an escort for the first time can be a particularly nerve racking experience. I have a blog where you can learn about the behind the scenes or get to know me before you meet me. Or you may scroll through my Twitter or Curious Cat.


  • I do not publish my address online or give it out to non-clients.

  • There is no building or door signage at my location that indicates I am there or an escort.

  • My address instructions are only sent when you have arrived nearby for our booking. They are clear, concise and include landmark indicators. If you get confused or lost, please notify me and I will guide you to the right location.

  • You will not be contacted unexpectedly and all your information will be kept private. If I do have to contact you unexpectedly for cancellation purposes, I will pose as VAL Auto Electrical Repairs.

  • I avoid wearing perfume, or if I do, it is applied behind my ear or the nape of my neck and will not rub off on you. 

  • I provide scentless body wash as an option and use scentless, water dispersible massage oil. Any oil will easily be washed off during a normal shower with no extra effort. You will not go home smelling like me or any of the products I use. 


  • Both my laptop and phone are password protected. My laptop is encrypted and my phone will be wiped clean if tampered with. I take confidentiality seriously.

  • If I see you in public, I will not approach you or give any indication that I know you. Please offer me the same courtesy in return.

  • I will not ask you any overly personal questions in booking such as what you do for work.


  • Clients are not screened for their appearance, they are screened for their manners, ability to read and willingness to follow written instructions. I only reply to polite enquiries or booking requests in template form. All other messages are ignored.

  • Please note, questioning my boundaries will have you permanently screened out. If you cannot understand “no” in writing, I cannot rely on your ability to understand “no” in person.

  • At no point during the booking process are you expected to tell me your age, ethnicity or any physical characteristics nor are you encouraged to. Superficial factors do not impact my decision to see you.

  • I am happy to see anyone over the age of 18 and of any ethnicity.

  • Please do not be offended if you look underage and I ask for ID to show your date of birth.

  • Please keep your emails concise and on topic as sending long-winded messages about nothing relevant will be viewed negatively and cause me to decline you as a client.


  • Sorry, I cannot cater to clients in a wheelchair as my apartment is unsuitable.

  • If you have any physical/mental disabilities or medical ailments that are significant enough to impact our time together, please let me know when booking and how this may affect our time together. This allows me to make adjusts to my service before hand, without the awkwardness of trial and error if left unprepared. i.e. having a broken arm, on crutches, social/sexual anxiety, phimosis etc.


  • On days that I have incalls, you will receive a reply in under three hours but I of course endeavour to send a speedy reply at all times. If we have agreed upon a time together, I will send you a confirmation text along with location indicators as shown on my website.

  • My phone automatically switches to Do Not Disturb mode at 10pm. E-mails are generally replied to at the end of the day if they require a detailed response.

  • I will only reply to messages less than three hours old. After this time, you may have left your phone unattended or be with friends/family. If I do not reply, send another polite message ensuring you have provided your name, preferred booking time and length or book online. If you explicitly say I can text you back after this time period, I will.

  • If I miss your call, please text me to indicate you would like me to ring you back. I take enquiries over the phone but not booking requests.

  • Out of hours responses will be severely delayed. I often to do not have my phone on me but I do have my e-mail and Twitter linked to my personal phone which is on me at all times. It is highly encouraged you book online as you do not have to wait for me to reply to confirm a booking.


  • Please let me know as soon as possible if you are going to be delayed or wish to cancel - no hard feelings. 

  • Not informing me of delays affects my enthusiasm to meet you, in the same way that your enthusiasm would drop if I left you sitting in your car, not replying, when it was time for our booking.

  • While I will always try to accommodate your booking, late arrival may mean a reduction in your booking time due to schedule clashes. I will always inform you prior to sending you the address.

  • If you cancel without telling me, you will be banned for life. If I need to cancel, I will inform you with as much notice as I possible and offer my next earliest availability.


  • I am always freshly showered and dressed to impress with pristine makeup, manicured nails, designer lingerie and thigh-high stockings. In return, I ask that you are also meticulous in your grooming standards. Prepare as you would for a first date!

  • I am a non-smoker so please be courteous and avoid smoking directly before seeing me. The deepest and fullest kisses are reserved for those with minty, fresh breath.

  • I will provide you with a shower, a freshly laundered towel and mouthwash upon arrival.

  • Please refrain from putting your clothes back on after your shower, it defeats the purpose of showering if you have worn them all day - just wrap yourself in the towel I have provided you.

  • Learn more on how grooming affects our time together here


  • Thankfully, the Prostitute Reform Act 2003 decriminalises sex work in New Zealand. I am a legal worker and it is legal to purchase my services. All my clients are gentlemen who put their health before pleasure and will not ask to engage in risky sexual behaviour such as asking for services without a condom. I actively refuse my services to anyone outside of this description.

  • I received safe sex training by a former escort at the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective who had 5 years experience in the industry.

  • On top of normal vaccinations, I have my HPV, hepatitis A and influenza vaccinations.

  • Please note: in between multi-shot rounds, I will politely ask you to quickly rinse off your bodily fluids in the shower to resume for the next round. This helps keep things as sanitary as possible for me.

  • For my safety, I have a minder with me at all times who will remain quiet and out of the way. Please do not walk around my apartment unattended.