Frequently Asked Questions



+ Why should I see you when I can just get it for free on Tinder?

You are more than welcome to! It's common for clients to see me while actively going on dates via traditional means and Bumble, Tinder etc. Some guys will see me before a date because it gets rid of nerves. It also helps them objectively know if they like a person beyond the physical if their needs have just been met and helps prevent them from being overly eager or too clingy. Some will see me after a date when they were wanting to get laid but didn't, or after a string of bad dates where the women aren't as attractive as their photos, have no personality or are just plain bad at sex. Free does not necessarily equate to quality. I offer an experience, not just sex and anyone who sees me will quickly understand what that means.

+ I'm recently divorced/fresh out of a relationship. I've only had one partner. I'm not sure if I can be with anyone else but I want to try! Is it okay to book you if I'm not sure if I want to have sex?

The transition from being in a long-term committed relationship to suddenly being single can be quite startling. You want to have sex but what turns you on the most is intimacy and emotional connection. If you want to relax, cuddle in bed and get to know each other we can do that. Or we can do certain things, clothed or unclothed, but not go all they way. Perhaps you change your mind mid-way through and do want to have sex. Whatever boundaries you have, you can tell me. If there's anything you want to do or explore, you can just tell me that too.

On my booking form, I ask for boundaries for this particular reason. I don't want to do anything you don't enjoy. We can stop at any time or I can give you a hot oil massage while you relax to soft music. I recommend 1.5 hours or booking a dinner date.

+ I'm not a very good conversationalist. I'm not used to being in the presence of women, whether it be from working in a male-dominated field or being an introvert and not socialising much. What should I do to be less nervous about the social aspect of the booking?

Good question! Everybody is a mixture of nervous and excited when they see me. Some are more nervous and some are more excited. This causes people to act in different ways such as being very quiet or talking a lot.

The best advice for feeling more comfortable is to focus on making the person you're talking to feel comfortable. Instead of being self-conscious and judging yourself, you are actively listening and engaging someone else.

When in doubt, teach me a fun fact or read an odd news article and retell it to me! I definitely have a memory bank of weird facts to share too.

+ I'm sexually inexperienced and am self-conscious of this. I'm worried about not performing well. Will you judge me?

Nope! Everybody has to start somewhere and seeing a professional is a logical solution.

I'm not looking for you to be experienced, I'm looking for you to have good communication skills which includes listening. If there is something you are doing and I am not into it - I'll gently let you know or show/tell you something else I prefer. If there is something you are doing that I like - I will enthusiastically let you know whether it be vocally or through body language.

In terms of performance, I don't want you to "perform". A majority of the time I lead so you can relax, not be in your head and see what chemistry naturally unfolds. The only expectations I have of you is that you are polite, on-time and hygenic.

I recommend requesting blindfold play for your first visit if this is the case.

+ I'm insecure about my body. I have acne, scars, am overweight/obese, am not well-endowed etc.

I'm looking at your body for places to kiss and touch, not to judge. I will never comment on anything unless it is to compliment you or to check that there are no health and safety issues that could impact our booking.

If you see me staring a little bit too long at your appendage before grabbing a condom - please don't feel judged! I'm mentally calculating which condom to use. If I pick a size too small, it will cut off circulation, may cause pain and/or numbness. If I pick a size too big, it makes slippage more likely and it becomes a health risk for me. The hottest sex is not dependent on endowment, it's dependent on chemistry. Aren't you curious as to what kind of chemistry we have?

My first boyfriend was overweight/obese and I was with him for two years. Your weight is not something I think about unless you are putting all of it on me at once! I will generally opt for side-lying positions or being on top, not because I'm scared of being squished or I think you're unfit but because men mostly carry fat in their abdomen. This can obstruct my view of the condom if you are on top and leaning forward. All professional escorts will check on the condom during the booking throughout and the best ones will do it without you noticing.

I hope that when you see me, you will become more confident and feel more comfortable with your body.

+ I'm worried I'll be too nervous and can't get it up. What will happen then?

If you are particularly nervous or if it's your first time seeing an escort, I encourage you to book 1.5 hours. This will give us more time to get to know each other and be lightly physical (holding hands, kissing and cuddling etc.) before anything sexual begins.

I'm also particularly skilled at things other than PIV sex. Your needs can be met with or without it. All it takes is some creativity.

+ I'm worried I'll cum too fast. Do you have any advice?

Let me know beforehand, I'll keep in mind to go slow and start off gently. If you want to stop and swap to doing something else for a little while, we can do that too. Communication is key!

+ I'm extremely nervous. Is it okay to drink a little beforehand?

Yes, I recommend a shot or two of vodka. I will be able to smell beer and wine when I greet you if you go with that option. If you go over your limit and arrive inebriated, please know that I will turn you away and will not see you again. I welcome BYO and have alcohol on premises if you don't want to risk it!

+ I don't want an STI, is it safe to see you?

There are many ways to give and receive pleasure, emotionally and physically without having sex or doing certain acts. If you show hesitancy for a particular part, I will adapt in the moment and provide something different. We are only bound by our imagination and I happen to be exceptionally creative when it comes to pleasure.

If you have anxiety/doubt about any part of my service, I suggest you forgo it completely so you can leave the booking happy and carefree. I have many skills and there are a variety of things we can do that drop the risk for you significantly.



+ I am not a smart man and just realised I ate potato chips that has onion/garlic powder listed as an ingredient. I really love kissing and I know bad breath can impact the services you provide, what do I do?

  • Brush your teeth ASAP. Not just your teeth but your tongue, the roof of your mouth, gums, inside your lips and the sides of your cheeks. Do this as far in advance as possible as brushing can cause microtears to the lining in your mouth. I can't kiss you if you have bleeding gums! Brush thoroughly but not vigourously, like you're brushing a soft tomato.
  • Chew on parsley. Parsley is often sprinkled on foods with garlic because of it's high chlorphyll content. It helps combat bad breath.
  • Rinse your mouth with with water that has apple cider vinegar, lime, oranges or lemons in it.
  • Now do the same with non-alcoholic mouth wash. Hold it in your mouth and swish it around for a while. Don't rise your mouth out after you use it as it's still working after you've spat it out.
  • Chew gum. Saliva has an antimicrobial effect so anything that stimulates saliva production will help!

    Okay! You should be set now!

+ Why don't you do X or Y service?

The reasons why I reject certain services will range from it being physically painful, deemed a significant health and safety risk, a combination of the two or something I am not interested and therefore, have no experience in. If there is something specifc you have in mind, please inquire before booking.

+ I'm 10 minutes late, does that mean I only get 50 minutes of our 1 hour booking?

No, if you pay me for 1 hour, you will see me for 1 hour. Being punctual guarantees you get your desired booking length. If you're running late, text me how long by. Punctuality to me is a sign of respect, but so is keeping me in the loop.

If you are longer than 10 minutes late and notify me, I'll let you know if it's fine, if we have to shorten our time together or if we have to cancel competely.

If you are longer than 10 minutes late and don't notify me, I will likely decide we are incompatible and pass as having you as a client.

+ Do you offer purely social bookings?

No, but it was for 2+ hours and there was an activity or event that you had in mind, I would be tempted. I'm an introvert, socialising for a long time without doing something interesting can be draining for me. I have my preferences listed on my rates page for dates I'd like and dislike.



+ What type of clients do you usually have?

My regulars are usually self-employed, middle-aged or older working professionals. Mindless one night stands do not interest them and they do not have the time and/or emotional energy for dating or relationships. They enjoy simplicity.

I'm also popular among men in their 20's, virginal, inexperienced, eager to learn or exceptionally curious about the difference between a professional and the average woman on Tinder.

Then there are men in their 30's, they usually work in the area or see an escort every so often while actively dating. If not actively dating, they often they want the benefits of a relationship without the responsibility.

And then I see tourists every once in a while, Americans in particular. In New Zealand, sex work is decriminalised while in America and other countries, it's still illegal. This is often the one and only time they will see an escort and they want to experience what it's like!

+ Do you have sex with all your clients?

No and there are various reasons for this but most of the time I do.

Some clients seek me out for sex, but when they meet me, they also find they are in need of someone who will listen to them, accept them and restore a sense of calm. It is not uncommon for clients to seek solace in me when they are rebounding from a bad break up, recent divorce or death in the family. Sometimes when you are in search of what you want, you get what you need.

Other clients come straight from work and find that they are both mentally and physically tired. I will offer them a beer, have them relax and lie down the whole session. I will take care of their needs through foreplay without them lifting a finger. Those who have performance anxiety also get the same treatment. You don't have to "perform" in front of me, I just want you to be relaxed and enjoy yourself. The journey is often better than the destination.

A minority of clients are pure givers. Their satisfaction comes from my pleasure and they are focused on me the entire session. With imagination and strong communication, you can satisfy your partner without having sex. Clients who are looking to gain sexual experience may opt for this as practise makes perfect.

However, most of the time I do not have sex with a client, it's because he prefers foreplay and whatever I'm doing in that moment as opposed to actual sex. If you seem to be enthusiastically enjoying yourself during foreplay, I will ask you if your preference is to finish using foreplay techniques or PIV sex.

+ Do you ever turn clients down and what for?

During the inital contact phase? Yes, multiple times a day. If I can tell someone hasn't read the basics of my ad - I will ignore them. Why? It reassures me someone has basic English comprehension skills and that they will be able to find my unmarked apartment.

I list clearly what I do and don't do so clients can decide if I'm right for them. I don't want to be booked assuming I provide services I don't.

If I can't tell if someone isn't polite from the way they text me, I will also decline a booking. I choose my clients just as much as they choose me, it's important to me that we have been accurately matched so the memories we create together are authentic and enjoyable.