Valentina Rosewood
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A smile with purity and genuineness, as if she was really anticipating this little encounter. I was instantly put at ease, welcomed, and at the same time, astonished at this young beauty standing in front of me.
I told her it was my first time, and she made sure I was relaxed. Valentina is like a stillness in a vast lake. She moves with unforced grace, and she surrounds you with warmth and calmness.
She is so lovely and very easy to talk to. I was kinda nervous because honestly, I don’t have much experience with sex.
Valentina is truly exceptional. She’s gorgeous, sultry, cheeky, exotic, fit, and insufferably sexy. Her breasts are beautiful, her ass is incredible, her toned stomach is delightful.
Valentina should come with a warning about possible addiction, as over the last few weeks I have seen her almost every day she works.
Not only is this lady beautiful, but her personality also has a warmth about it, the way she makes you relax, the sense of humour and of course that laugh.
Her pictures don’t do her justice, she is a goddess, and her skills will drive you wild.
Simply incredible how fast she can put you on ease with her natural smile and start a warm conversation that is only interrupted by our bodies suddenly colliding, sliding and rolling together as if we both have been waiting for each other for a long time!
Friendly, intelligent and even more beautiful than her photos. Without getting into too much detail, she is very talented in the “physical” side of her work.

My apartment

My apartment is located in the heart of Auckland CBD.

My apartment is clean and inviting. I am in the midst of adding decorations. I will do my best to update photos as I redecorate.

If it’s a particularly wet day, I will leave a hairdryer out for you to use and heat your towel up in the dryer.

For longer bookings, we can cuddle on my pull-out couch in my living room (pictured behind me).

I also have a full-kitchen for us to use for dinner dates and overnights.

*Please keep to the bedroom and bathroom area only. These rooms are clear of my valuables and personal items.

If you decide to invite yourself to walk around other areas without my permission, I may lose something and have to contact you unsolicited. Please value my privacy so I can be discreet for you.




She is a unique, gorgeous and sensual woman with layer upon layer to be explored.


I am a major foodie and I love to cook. I’m not particularly good at cooking meat. My day to day eating is generally vegetable soup, chicken breast and some kind of dessert to push up my calories and stimulate hunger.

1st soup: roasted pumpkin soup with blue cheese and walnuts.

2nd soup: roasted cauliflower and beetroot soup with super green garlic oil, crispy bacon and blue cheese.

3rd: Whittaker’s dark chocolate mousse being whipped together.