“Valentina looks amazing, she has an amazing body and creates a warm vibe that draws you in and relaxes you. Val provides a true GFE experience and one of the benefits of seeing someone often is that you know what each other enjoys and creates an intimate atmosphere, My time with Val was incredible, I normally book for 90 minutes as 1 hour just isn't enough as I love to take my time and enjoying her!”

See full review | March 2019.

“Have to agree that Val is one of the best for sure, her body is amazing, she has an awesome personality, she also has a great sense of humour, you can have lots of fun with her! Also the more you see her the better she gets! Just when you think she’s used up all her tricks, she blows you away with something new. She is a total professional in everything she does, you wont find better”.

See review | February 2019.

“I am a simple man who is easily pleased but Valentina has tried out some new tricks (to me) that I haven't experienced before, that have rocked my world! Valentina is an amazing woman with a great body and mind, one of the benefits of seeing her regularly is that you build a rapport and begin to know what she enjoys and can apply that knowledge”.

See full review | October 2018.

“When the days aligned and I finally got to see her though, wow. She's amazing, friendly, intelligent and even more beautiful than her photos. Without getting into too much detail, she is very talented in the "physical" side of her work”.

See full review | September 2018.

“After reading recent reviews and checking Valentina's website, I decided to see her. Flicked her a text and got a prompt response from her… I reached at her place and she opened the door with a beautiful and warm smile I have seen today. Pictures in her profile are accurate including the bed and shower…Started the session with slow and sensual kissing which went on for a while and she is a great kisser”.

See full review | September 2018.

“There are the ones where you are disappointed, then the good ones, then the awesome ones, and then rarely once in a while, a Valentina! She was quick to reply, and a booking was made easily. From the welcome to the end she was very friendly and sincerely interested! Great personality, amazing charm and a fantastic body to match that smile!”

See full review | September 2018.

“Valentina should come with a warning about possible addiction, as over the last few weeks I have seen Valentina almost every day she works. I so enjoyed the slow build up that I have taken to booking longer sessions with Valentina just to enjoy the fullest! Maybe it's just old age but I just like to lie back and enjoy the best things in life!”

See full review | July 2018.

“I have to admit that she is not my type of girl, but once our session started I realised why this girl is one of the bests, I always dream about that spectacular deep blow job, her firm and athletic body and those passionate FKs.
12/10 — Saw her a year ago (2 shots in 1 hour, second one was a COBody)…
Would I go back? YES!”

See review | July 2018.

“I was feeling a bit nervous before arriving at her apartment because I was not sure if she was going to look like the pictures she has in NZGirls and her personal website. But all these feelings disappeared when I saw that the nice looking lady with a super hot body that opened the door was the same Valentina I saw in the pictures…She gave me a nice warm welcoming hug, and after a brief chat I jumped into the shower to get ready for some action. Once in the room, we slowly started to light the fire, first with nice and soft french kissing and then followed with really nice and hot sex in different positions - no need to go into big details as you probably know what I mean...”

See full review | April 2018.

"Booking was easy...used her own website. Instructions regarding parking etc., were sent and very helpful. Arrived and was greeted with a fantastic hug. Sorted out paperwork and went to shower. Had messaged her what my preferences where and was not disappointed at all. Fantastic kisser and her body is amazing! Was a pleasure to spend time with her. Will definitely be spending time with her again".

See review | April 2018.



"On a rainy weekend, I gather my courage to book Valentina for an hour, I'm fairly new at punting. Booking was easy, and response was quick. Arrived and was greeted by her a warm smile. I was slightly nervous but she put me at ease - a really nice GF Experience. Had texted her my preference and was given a nice customised experienced to meet my desire... Her measurements on her profile is accurate. I'll definitely book again".

See review | April 2018.



"Valentina is sultry, dark skin toned, has beautiful curves, magnificent breasts, is friendly, sensual, professional, sexy and hot. A must see".

See full review | April 2018.



"Valentina is truly exceptional. She's gorgeous, sultry, cheeky, exotic, fit, and insufferably sexy. Her breasts are beautiful, her ass is incredible, her toned stomach is delightful. She gave me quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever had and looked super naughty while doing it. Apologies for all the superlatives but she is truly a wonder. The sex was ravenous and she quickly picked up on all the dirty things that turn me on".

See full review | February 2018.

 "I tell her that her hands are good, very good, and she says her mouth is better, giving herself a challenge that she accomplishes superbly, and Valentina dances to the beat of her own drum, and perhaps I do too, but we're in the same band now, our rhythms in perfect time, in the groove, and what she does is extraordinary, exquisite".

See full review | February 2018.



"The elegance and decadence of following this womanhood in all her glory to the boudoir that was just a slippery hot 1 hr session of nothing but pure 100% raunchy/adult porn".

See review | February 2018.



"If you like a woman thoroughly making love to your cock with her mouth; considering every nerve ending, every tongue angle, every trick that can make you feel like the latex has disappeared and you're being oh so naughty, but still absolutely safe, Valentina should be on your list. There were times my member disappeared from sight for extended periods; swallowed into a pocket dimension of pure pleasure. She's not afraid of a little eye contact either".

See full review | January 2018.

"Her face, her body, her skin, her hair (omg her hair!), and her body language. Everything about this lady was flawless. She guided me into a nicely decorated room, and we started chatting. I told her it was my first time, and she made sure I was relaxed".
See full review | May 2017.

"Simply incredible how fast she can put you on ease with her natural smile and start a warm conversation that is only interrupted by our bodies suddenly colliding, sliding and rolling together as if we both have been waiting for each other for a long time! Then back to conversation again, before touching each other again. I could do that the whole night with her, such a lovely and beautiful person inside out".

See full review | April 2017.

"She is so lovely and very easy to talk to. I was kinda nervous because honestly, I don't have much experience with sex. The photo and the description are very real. Her boobs are so big and soft". 

See full review | March 2017.



"I was curious when she walked in with a cold glass of water in hand during our session. It still makes me hot to think about the way she used the cold water to take my pleasure to the next level. Man, a mind blowing experience and this girl definitely knows her stuff. A genuine GFE and hot lover".

See full review | October 2016.



"I was greeted at the door by Valentina.... wow.... an absolutely stunning lady, profile accurate but better in person, very pretty with an incredible smile. Within minutes she had me relaxing and the nerves were soon a distant memory. Her personality and friendly nature made me feel welcome from the beginning".

See full review | August 2016.


"I have seen this delightful angel 3 or 4 times now, and each time gets better. Her pictures don't do her justice, she is a goddess, and her skills will drive you wild".
See full review | October 2015.