Valentina Rosewood
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Relax and Unwind


Note: This is a non-sexual and fully clothed service. This is a stand-alone service and there are no available upgrades for GFE.

Let the stresses of life slip away while I blindfold you and guide you into a deep meditative state. You will leave feeling fully refreshed with a new lease on life.

Particularly perfect for university students, those with an imbalanced work to personal life and those who just need a time out.

“The idea of spending $50 for 45 minutes of Valentina's time blew my mind. That's a bargain at twice the price. Surrendering to serenity in her presence was an irresistible notion that I had to try out for myself. I was told to focus on my breathing but was soon so relaxed that I couldn't discern whether I was breathing at all. I was very aware of my thoughts but sure enough they also started to subside and eventually I was completely inert and relaxed. It's exactly how meditation should be but even better because of what Valentina brings to it, which is more than just the weighted blanket, soundtrack and soothing demeanour.

Clients, providers, hell anyone looking for a slice of peace in a busy city should give it a try. She doesn't offer it everyday so do check her website and Twitter for more details. It's a very special offer from a very special person who is in this for more than just the money.

Thank-you Valentina”

See review | Sept 2019.