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Please note: I am not able to provide blow jobs as part of my service at this time.


"I was greeted at the door by Valentina.... wow.... an absolutely stunning lady, profile accurate but better in person, very pretty with an incredible smile. Within minutes she had me relaxing and the nerves were soon a distant memory. Her personality and friendly nature made me feel welcome from the beginning".

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"I was feeling a bit nervous before arriving at her apartment because I was not sure if she was going to look like the pictures she has on NzGirls and her personal website. All these feelings disappeared when I saw the nice looking lady with a super hot body that opened the door was the same Valentina I saw in the pictures  — was great to see she actually looked like South American”.

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"Simply incredible how fast she can put you on ease with her natural smile and start a warm conversation that is only interrupted by our bodies suddenly colliding, sliding and rolling together as if we both have been waiting for each other for a long time! Then back to conversation again, before touching each other again. I could do that the whole night with her, such a lovely and beautiful person inside out".

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"Valentina is truly exceptional. She's gorgeous, sultry, cheeky, exotic, fit, and insufferably sexy. Her breasts are beautiful, her ass is incredible, her toned stomach is delightful. She gave me quite possibly the best blowjob I've ever had and looked super naughty while doing it. Apologies for all the superlatives but she is truly a wonder. The sex was ravenous and she quickly picked up on all the dirty things that turn me on".

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"I was curious when she walked in with a cold glass of water in hand during our session. It still makes me hot to think about the way she used the cold water to take my pleasure to the next level. Man, a mind blowing experience and this girl definitely knows her stuff. A genuine GFE and hot lover".

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"She is so lovely and very easy to talk to. I was kinda nervous because honestly, I don't have much experience with sex. The photo and the description are very real. Her boobs are so big and soft". 

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"Her face, her body, her skin, her hair (omg her hair!), and her body language. Everything about this lady was flawless. She guided me into a nicely decorated room, and we started chatting. I told her it was my first time, and she made sure I was relaxed".
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"If you like a woman thoroughly making love to your cock with her mouth; considering every nerve ending, every tongue angle, every trick that can make you feel like the latex has disappeared and you're being oh so naughty, but still absolutely safe, Valentina should be on your list. There were times my member disappeared from sight for extended periods; swallowed into a pocket dimension of pure pleasure. She's not afraid of a little eye contact either".

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Sorry! For privacy reasons, I do not give out my address until you are parked or waiting nearby. Here are the general landmarks of where I am for your convenience. 


carpark within 4 minutes walk:

City Works Depot has over 800 parking spaces. It has multiple entrances and easy motorway access to both the north and south. The best place to park is on the top level.

City Works Depot has over 800 parking spaces. It has multiple entrances and easy motorway access to both the north and south. The best place to park is on the top level.

City Works Depot:   77 Cook St, Auckland 1010 

  • Casual - $2.00 / half hour. Available Monday to Sunday 24 hours, 7 days.

  • Evening - $5.00 / night. Available Monday to Sunday 6pm to 4am.

  • Weekend - $5.00 / day. Available Saturday and Sunday 4am to 6pm.

Don't forget to bring coins to pay for parking. You can also pay by credit card or PayWave at the parking meter although this is less discreet as it leads a paper trail.

You may also park at Sky City which is the same distance away and an easier walk although more expensive.

The closest ATM is on Wellesley Street by Sky City, a short 5 minutes walk from me.

The closest ATM is on Wellesley Street by Sky City, a short 5 minutes walk from me.

ATMS within 10 minutes walk:

(Sorry! I have no EFTPOS machine. I only accept cash)

54-56 Wellesley St W, ASB

61-63 Victoria St W, Kiwi Bank

262-268 Queen St, BNZ

cafes/food within 4 minutes walk:

Arrived early? Have a coffee or a snack while you wait.

The best place to wait is around Sky City although the area I  most enjoy is the City Works Depot:

Odettes Eatery at City Works Depot

Odettes Eatery at City Works Depot

I love sitting outside while enjoying one of their freshly made juice.

  • Weekdays from 7am

  • Weekends from 8am


Prefer to stay in? You may now book me for outcalls to upscale CBD hotels.

Book online using your real full name and a verifiable Facebook or LinkedIn profile. If you do not have Facebook or LinkedIn profile, e-mail photo ID to

Your face and name is all that is needed. You may black out other information. This photo will be deleted after I have returned safely from our outcall.

If you wish to maintain full anonymity, you may see me at my incall.



Book online



THIs week’s incall availability:

Currently off sick.

The fastest way to book is through online booking. Online bookings will give you the convenience of confirming, rearranging and cancelling a booking automatically. The best time to book is in advance or 8am on the day. The best time to ring/text with questions is outside of working hours on the days that I work.

If you are not comfortable with online bookings, please text or ring me although my reply may be delayed if it is during work hours. I prefer text as I'm not always available to take your call. This provides an avenue for me to respond to you as soon as I'm available. For discretionary purposes, I will only reply to text messages within 3 hours. Please text me again if I haven't replied - 021 08427764 

Booking confirmation will be sent via e-mail, disguised as an auto electrical company for a service appointment (shown below). You may book using a fake name for incalls only, for outcalls I will need your full name and Facebook/LinkedIn information.